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It’s surprising no one figured out having the first part of a street name duplicated in the same area of a city with duplicate house number was a bad idea.

11 days and counting @llimllib, score!

Hot dawg, I forgot how much Pete Naur's "Programming as Theory Building" slaps.

It's the good stuff.

Also, the dude loves himself a long-ass sentence.

Edited 48d ago

I see that it is gonna be bananas cold next weekend.

I've got about a week to prepare for it...but, for the life of me, I don't know what I ought to actually do to prepare for it other than to hope we don't loose power. 🤷

Around Somerville for the weekend. Good friends, too much tacos. Big elephant.


Hello PWM world

I'm taking a product management course right now, and the instructor just listed some "known visionaries."

The list included

- Steve Jobs
- MLK Jr
- Elon Musk

I'm gonna close my computer for a while now.

this morning I realized I'm old; how old? emacs in full screen old.

Very nervous about my flight that’s supposed to land at pwm at midnight. Might have to take a red eye Amtrak if it doesn’t go

emacs out here trying to shame me for using the wrong sorta punctuation in my comments...

Happy to see we’re up over 12 hours of uptime! Computers.

I kinda dig the web interface for takahē; though the UI is uneven about how it exposes per-post visibility settings.


🦞 toot

just setting up my tootr

I'm sitting here watching the event loop process events, I have a weird life

testing out takahe on 🚀