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This is a community running Takahē.

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It’s surprising no one figured out having the first part of a street name duplicated in the same area of a city with duplicate house number was a bad idea.

11 days and counting @llimllib, score!

Hot dawg, I forgot how much Pete Naur's "Programming as Theory Building" slaps.

It's the good stuff.

Also, the dude loves himself a long-ass sentence.

Edited 48d ago

I see that it is gonna be bananas cold next weekend.

I've got about a week to prepare for it...but, for the life of me, I don't know what I ought to actually do to prepare for it other than to hope we don't loose power. 🤷

Around Somerville for the weekend. Good friends, too much tacos. Big elephant.


Hello PWM world

I'm taking a product management course right now, and the instructor just listed some "known visionaries."

The list included

- Steve Jobs
- MLK Jr
- Elon Musk

I'm gonna close my computer for a while now.

this morning I realized I'm old; how old? emacs in full screen old.

Very nervous about my flight that’s supposed to land at pwm at midnight. Might have to take a red eye Amtrak if it doesn’t go